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Our Beliefs

We believe that by focusing on how to make healthcare better and improve patient experience, healthcare leaders can identify many opportunities to create successful and innovative companies.  

We believe there is an overload of information about micro-healthcare topics, and that what healthcare companies and innovators need is a broad, overarching theory of healthcare delivery in the US.  

What would GREAT look like? 

That's the question that started it all. We wanted to start a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of healthcare from the perspective of key leaders and experts. Our mission is to uncover what makes healthcare great and share it with the world.

We identified seven key principles that define the future of healthcare. We are passionate about making healthcare accessible to all and strive to be a source of guidance and information. Tune in to our podcast to hear what leaders and experts have to say and to get inspired.

7 Key Principles


We believe in the power of patient-centered care and the impact it has on better health outcomes. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers to provide patient-centric care and to give our listeners a platform to share their stories.


While modern technologies have allowed for faster care with wider accessibility, we are not strangers to the challenges that innovation can provide. We cover topics such as telemedicine, patient-centricity, and the future of healthcare to provide an informative and engaging look at the future of the health care industry.


Healthcare is improved by collectively striving for a more seamless care continuum instead of fragmented episodes of care. Coordinating care across generalists, specialists and treatments allows for better outcomes and happier patients. We explore what steps we can take to get there and discuss potential challenges.


With the rise of digital health and increased accessibility comes the issue of billing and coding. Patients who don't have access to affordable care and feel they can't understand their bill are less likely to seek out care leading to poor health outcomes. We will invite guests into conversation to explore how we balance affordable care and understandable billing.


Building doctor/patient relationships and meeting with patients to discuss things like lifestyle, stress levels and more can help prevent sick visits. We discuss how to balance well-care and sick-care as providers and payors to best meet the needs of everyone in the healthcare industry.


Promotion of choice and transparency, both in quality and price, allows patients and doctors to feel better about the choices dictating patient health. We strive to provide you with practical ways to encourage choice as providers and payors. 


We believe that healthcare should focus on quality, not quantity. Our discussions explore how market mechanisms can be used to incentivize “better” instead of “more”.

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