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Our Beliefs

We believe that by focusing on how to make healthcare better and improve patient experience, healthcare leaders can identify many opportunities to create successful and innovative companies.  

We believe there is an overload of information about micro-healthcare topics, and that what healthcare companies and innovators need is a broad, overarching theory of healthcare delivery in the US.  

Our Starting Principles: 
What would GREAT Healthcare Look Like?

1) Patient Focused 

2) Efficient and Convenient

 3) Coordinated for a Seamless Care Continuum instead of Fragmented Episodes

Coordinated care between generalists, specialists, facilities, and treatments

 4) Affordable, and Supported by Understandable Billing

 5) Wellcare Balanced with Sickcare

 6) Promotion of Choice and Transparency, in both Quality and Price

 7) Economic Incentivization of “Better“ instead of “More” through Market Mechanisms

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